Thursday, August 4, 2011

Medieval Gatehouse - Part I

The next part I wanted to do as part of my fantasy terrain is a medieval gatehouse. I decided on using the gatehouse from WorldWorks Games CastleWorks Ultimate.
The building base used the older “Paperlinx” system, so I decided to modify the base a bit to make it compatible with the newer “Terrainlinx” system, essentially cutting two slots based on either side using the TerrainLinx template:
Like a lot of the earlier WorldWorks Games kits, there are a lot of fiddly bits associated with the model. Worst than that, there are some pieces that do not use tabs on all connection points, sometimes resulting in places where there are small gaps left between what’s supposed to be “joined”:
Still, with a bit of work the end result starts to look pretty good:
This is the “basic” version of the gatehouse, which is respectable in its own right, but I’d likely expand this out into the full version as time permits.

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