Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fantasy City Streets

I’m running a game of Dungeons & Dragons at work for some co-workers at lunch every week and wanted to start introducing some decent terrain instead of just using an erasable grid-map.  So I started with WorldWorks Games “Streets of Himmelveil” as a base.
Luckily I had a bunch of 6” x 6” foamcore bases made from previous work so all I needed to do was print out a set of street tiles on the laser printer to start:
Once the excess white space was cut from the printed tiles I scored the fold edges and wrapped them around the foamcore base:
When I had a couple made I double-checked the connectors to make sure the tiles would connect together properly:
I then proceeded to glue-mount the rest of the tiles on the foamcore bases:
The end-result I could configure into a city street area with a large center circle:
I still need to add edging to cover up any exposed white paper bits from scoring, folds, etc. and test all the connectors, but otherwise it’s ready for play.
I plan to add a number of new tiles for different configurations (corners, dead ends, sewer entrances, etc.), but this will provide a solid basic 18” x 18” play space that I can use for city streets.

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