Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Empire of Bone: The Power of Death

In the Empire of Bone, death (and undeath) is a tangible force that imposes itself on the world in various ways:
  • The Restless Dead – Once a living thing dies, they don’t always stay dead. There is a chance they will come back to life in an undead state: as a revenant, a zombie, a skeleton, a ghost, or as an animated “thing”. While many are quite civil about it, many also go about bothering the living with their undead state.
  • Death Rot – The world is awash with entropic energies, causing everything to warp and rapidly. Everything appears to be in a twisted and dilapidated state and drained of color.
  • Dead Sky – The sky has entered into a perpetual twilight, casting a pall on everything. The sun and moon both cast a dull light through the dead sky, with grey days giving way to a thick darkness on moonless nights.
This force of death can be controlled in various ways with those with the right knowledge:
  • Grave Gifts – Every restless dead possesses a special power when they come back from the grave. Usually it is related to the method by which they died.
  • Necromancy – Necromancy means “divination through communication with the dead”. Necromancers can do that and much more with the spirits of the dead.
  • Reanimation – Through creative surgery and applied necro-science, talented surgeons can create mindless undead servants.
  • Funerary Rites – The Black Church possesses certain powers over the dead, and indeed watches over the resurrection process.
This covers a fairly wide range of “dead powers” to work into story and player abilities!

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