Thursday, November 18, 2010

Steamy Endeavors, Part IV

Work proceeds apace! Got a large chunk of the detail work done tonight, just need to do some paint highlighting and glue attachment.


I wanted the arm-plate to have some sort of visual texture, so after doing some hunting around online I settled on a nice reddish-brown leather texture. After printing a color of sheets on the laser printer, I cut it to fit the plates.


I didn’t necessarily want to go with traditional gun colors, so I tried experimenting a bit. The picture doesn’t bring out the colors well, but I tried a copper rub-and-buff on the gun, which turned out really well.


I wanted the mounting bracket for the gun to look fairly sturdy, so painted that with a metallic silver.


As you can see, the silver provides a nice contrast with the copper guns.


Again, the picture doesn’t do it justice, but I added brass paint detailing on the barrel and other detail bits.


As another detail bit I added metallic edging to the corners of the top of the arm plates, which goes really well with the faux-leather covering.


As an added decorative touch I added a brass nut at the end of the barrel.


Finished up the detailing on the rest of the plates, and added the nuts to the barrels of the other guns. Just need to do the brass paint detailing on four more guns, then fix the guns to the gun mounts and test it out with the new light gold ribbon I got for it.

If there’s any suggestions for additions/revisions I have one more night to work on it. Comments are welcome!

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